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Three new Venture Café communities launch to connect innovators around the world

by Travis Sheridan in Uncategorized
May 22, 2019

The Venture Café Global Network has expanded to three new locations: Warsaw, Poland; Bilbao, Spain; and Providence, Rhode Island. With this growth, Venture Cafés now operate in eleven communities around the world.

Venture Café Warsaw represents our first expansion to Central Eastern Europe and the effort is led by Aureliusz Gorski. Several large technology companies have a presence in Warsaw because of its amazing tech talent and a young demographic that plays an active role in connecting Poland to the rest of the world. In partnership with HubHub, Venture Café will begin with monthly programming that will evolve to the full suite of innovation programs once the new CIC facility in the Central Business District’s Varso Place is completed in mid-2020.

Venture Café Bilbao, part of the Biscay Startup Bay, is focused on bridging the gap that exists between startup solutions and corporate opportunities. The Basque government has a robust program that helps international startups use Bilbao as a soft-landing city for European Union expansion. As part of Venture Café’s work to convene innovation stakeholders from across the ecosystem, we are working with a portfolio of twelve innovative corporations to launch in Bilbao. Bego Maite Jimenez Ocio has joined as the founding Executive Director and will spend the next few months connecting Basque and Spanish corporates to international startups and building out her team in preparation programming launch in September 2019.

Venture Café Providence represents a regional expansion in New England and will leverage the institutional knowledge of our Venture Café operation in Cambridge, MA. Existing Venture Café Cambridge Executive Director Chandra Briggman has been named the interim Executive Director during the launch. The Venture Café Providence team is currently holding monthly programming building up to the launch of its new CIC facility in August 2019.

In 2019, the Venture Café Global Institute has had one of its busiest years ever, adding four cities to the global network, with Venture Café Sydney launching this past February.

At Venture Café, we believe that innovation is a process to improve the human condition. In this continual process of improvement, each community in our global network serves as a living laboratory, working towards that same goal. As we add more nodes to this network, we create more opportunities for novel solutions:  piloted in one city, and shared with the others. We create a pathway for entrepreneurs in one market to expand to other markets. We build relationships that bridge gaps where oceans once separated us.

At Venture Café, our mission is to connect innovators to make things happen. Join us on our journey to improve the human condition.