Przemek Staroń

Przemek Staroń

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We’d like you to meet Przemek Staroń, member of the Venture Café Warsaw community.


Przemek introduced completely new approach and methods in educational system. The approach and methods are based on a creative usage of the combination of the elements like philosophy, critical thinking, lego blocks, games and gamification.

He also set up the diversed community of “The Order of Phoenix” that gathers junior and senior students around learning philosophy and life, as well as helping each other.


Among many other awards and distinctions he would like to stress two:

1) Przemek was recognized as the best Polish Teacher in 2018 and awarded with the Teacher of the Year 2018 Award.

2) This year – 2020 – he is one of 50 best teachers in the world according to Global Teacher Prize, which is regarded as Nobel Prize for teachers.

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