Meyyappan Lakshmanan

Meyyappan Lakshmanan

Founder, CEO – Enthalpium LLC


We’d like you to meet Mey Lakshmanan, member of the Venture Café Providence community.


Enthalpium LLC is a technology startup firm. Our focus is to build digital products centered around Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. We feel the biggest problem the Blockchain economy is facing is consolidating transactions that occur in a myriad of environments, such as exchanges and wallets. Our current product, Crypto Transact 99, extracts transactions from exchanges and wallets, and harmonizes the data so that individuals and businesses can calculate accurate taxation, profit & loss, and cashflow for merchants and individual investors.


Startup businesses like ours sustain 50% due to the relationships that we build and the other 50% is based on the quality that we deliver. Venture Café plays a major role in building this business-friendly environment, whereby we startup firms get to meet successful people from the industry and the government. As a result of attending Venture Café’s meetings, we had the opportunity to meet a team of professionals from the RI State government and understand how they are dealing with Cryptocurrency from a government perspective. It was a great opportunity to build a relationship with a group in the government that is active in our space. Another positive impact Venture Café has given is, an introduction to venture capitalists. I met very active and successful investors, that has given us an insight into what an investor is looking for in a startup. This introduction is going to help us grow or scale up our current product. A big ‘thanks’ to Venture Café!

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