Meet Moh Noori

Meet Moh Noori

Founder/CEO – ScriptChain Health

Hello, I’m Moh Noori Founder/CEO @ ScriptChain Health in the Venture Cafe Cambridge-community! I’m working on Making a positive in the world starting with peoples hearts.


The problem I’m aiming to solve Is to lower the cost of care for heart disease by predicting illnesses such as Heart Failure, Hypertension, and Atrial Fibrillation. We also reduce the readmission rate by betting patient outcomes and recommend what the physician should do next.


As a visitor at Venture Café this network has helped me Expand my network and meet like minded people in the digital health space.


I’m looking for Investors that make seed stage investments and healthcare stakeholders who would be open to run pilots of our deep learning based product in the hospital setting.

Learn more about what I do on my website!

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