Meet Dominika Duda

Meet Dominika Duda

Community Lead – CIC

Hello, I’m Dominika Duda Community Lead @ CIC in the Venture Cafe Warsaw-community! I’m working on building inclusive communities, whether it’s business or mission related.


I believe in people. I feel that we are working and living in a safe and encouraging environment, miracles can happen! Thus, I use empathy and simple human kindness as a compass to my actions, and I feel wonderful when people of all origins can thrive!


As a visitor at Venture Café an awesome connection I have made was My job! I attended first Venture Cafe event in July 2017 in Rotterdam and it helped me get connected to the CIC, where there was an opening that I applied for. I got the job and I thrive professionaly ever since!


Make sure to Come to Venture Café events with an open heart and an open mind. You will be surprised how many curious people found what they needed when becoming a part of our community!

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