Jane Qiu

Jane Qiu

Co-founder – Kintell


We’d like you to meet Jane Qiu from Kintell, member of the Venture Café Sydney community.


Jane and her Co-Founder, James Behzadi have created an independent online global knowledge sharing platform where anyone can give and receive independent advice via paid or pro bono live video consultations. Their vision is “to make wisdom and knowledge accessible to everyone.”


By building meaningful relationships with attendees during the Thursday Gatherings, Kintell has been able to grow their online network of advisors by onboarding Venture Café attendees who are specialists in certain industries and technologies. By connecting with people who share similar values, helping people learn and share ideas via live video consultations, Kintell are successfully achieving their vision of making knowledge & wisdom accessible to everyone.

Learn more on kintell.com.

Growing Community, Knowledge and
Connections in a Progressively Digital

Has there ever been a time where you’ve needed to learn new software in less than a week to meet a deadline? or wish you had a mentor to turn to for advice on scaling your startup? Well, Kintell helps with just that. Kintell is a new way of getting and giving independent advice: micro knowledge sharing via paid or pro bono live video consultations. They have a grand vision; “ to make wisdom and knowledge accessible to everyone.”

Jane Qiu, Co-Founder of Kintell, originally stumbled upon Venture Café Sydney during a panel event at the Innovation Ecosystem Network where Executive Director, Zara Crichton, was a co-panelist. After holding a startup spotlight at Venture Café, Jane and her Co-Founder, James Behzadi, have been able to generate meaningful relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs. Jane says “people (at Venture Café Sydney) are really friendly and they’re genuinely trying to help each other”. For example, at one of last year’s Thursday Gatherings, Jane met Gabes Wong, Marketing Manager at The Executive Center, whom they are now Partners with. Since then, Kintell has been hosting their events at The Executive Center for residents and other community members.

Kintell has also been able to grow their network of advisors by onboarding Venture Café attendees who are experts in certain industries. The Venture Café Office Hours Program which Kintells supports behind-the-scenes aligns especially well in this new virtual world as they believe in bringing authentic human connections into the digital world. Venture Café Advisors are able to offer pro-bono advice to the Venture Café community through the Office Hours  platform.

Kintell is a great fit with Venture Café as both organisations are able to create long term relationships and impact for their members through the network effect and building community. Through the connections and opportunities brought on from attending Venture Café’s Thursday Gatherings in the physical and online space, Kintell is one step closer to becoming a global leader in enabling knowledge sharing, creating a positive impact on the future of work.

Anyone can sign up and become a Kintell member to receive independent advice on a range of topics at a time that’s convenient for you. Whether you need career advice or practical know-how, Kintell advisors can deliver high-quality knowledge on-demand.

If you would like to know more about Kintell, or wish to connect with Co-Founders Jane Qiu and James Behzadi, please visit their website: https://kintell.com/.

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