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The mission of Venture Cafe is pretty straight forward. When we look across the landscape, one of the best connections we can facilitate is between a corporate with a problem or challenge and a startup with a solution. That is why we’ve launched the RFI Platform as part of our Captains of Innovation Program. RFI (Request for Innovation) identifies and amplifies real challenges corporates need solved and gives startups the opportunity to bring the solutions forward. Consider this an open call for solutions. Each engagement is a bit different: some might require a formal pitch in person, other start with a submitted proposal. Regardless, the focus is on solving a real-world problem and secure the corporate as a client. Corporates, this is your chance to engage startups in a meaningful way that has directly impact on your bottom line.

Below are the RFIs that are currently active and seeking submissions.

EY FinTech Pitch Day Pitch Event

Disrupt the tax, accounting, finance, legal and associated compliance markets.

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SmartCities Connectivity Challenge Contract Opportunity

YourTown is seeking solutions that bring people together in authentic ways.

Engagement in the Air Contract Opportunity

Increase inflight spending and passanger engagement

Power of the Sun Pitch Event

Increase efficiency of windows as solar energy collectors