Let us know what you think about our Kiosk Survey

Before answering these questions, please, make sure to go complete the prototype of our Kiosk Survey here.

Kiosk Survey feedback

About you

Where did you first complete the live Kiosk Survey?
Note, that this question refers to the actual live Kiosk when you signed up at Venture Café the first time and not this prototype.

General experience

Was the experience of filling in the survey an improvement to the current survey that you filled in when first coming to Venture Café?
What did you think about the amount of questions asked?

Layout & Design

Do you understand why we ask for the information in the Kiosk Survey?
There was a small explainer why we ask these questions on the first screen on each part.
Was it clear how many questions were remaining as you went through the questions in the survey?
Were you comfortable with having multiple questions on one screen?
Did you notice that the questions were split into two parts: Professional and personal?
Was it clear what option on the "Business stage"-question best suited you?
If you aren't a startup, let's pretend you are! Was it clear what business stage you'd belong to with the added explaining texts?
Did you notice the "Skip this part"-link on the "How do you identify yourself"-question?
This was the first screen of part two.