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Venture Café is looking for strategic partners in cities across the globe interested in building stronger more inclusive innovation ecosystems.

We are an out of the box solution that has been named by the Brookings Institute and Startup Genome as a best practice for activating innovation ecosystems. Venture Café is a community builder, an educational platform and a world class tool that engages and amplifies your innovation ecosystem.

We’re building a global movement to change the world through innovation. Will you join us?

Global Network

Venture Café was founded in Boston’s Cambridge Innovation Center in 2009 and helped fuel the growth of one of the world’s most powerful innovation ecosystems. Since then, we have drawn together over 550,000 innovators, creatives, developers and civic-minded leaders for over 13 years in 11 cities around the world, building a global community of communities.

Why partner with Venture Café?
Venture Café is a tailored out of the box solution for amplifying innovation. Here's a sample of what we're bringing to the table.
The Thursday Gathering convenes hundreds of innovators weekly, but it doesn’t end there. We offer equity driven innovation programs, Innovation Bridges, soft landing programs and many more.
Shared systems and services
We’ve spent over a decade perfecting the art of curating a weekly innovation event while building community. Our organizational management systems will help you focus on creating serendipitous collisions while easing operations.
Training and onboarding
Our training and onboarding program will help you get off the blocks at full speed. You’ll crosstrain with existing Venture Café sites and we’ll help you build a successful program using our systems, services, credo and culture.
Knowledge sharing
Receive ongoing support from the Venture Café network and participate in ongoing team building and training through our annual Global Gathering as well as global and regional meetings that connect and inspire local teams throughout the year.
Benefit from local and global fundraising efforts as well as our funding playbook with the strategy and assets you need to secure partnerships. After all: without margin, there's no mission.
We are growing our network, which means you are too! More Venture Cafés means more deep connections to innovation ecosystems across the globe.
Brand Assets
Venture Café has created a robust portfolio of brand assets. Our brand guidelines and templates will help you tell the right story, right from the start.
Brand Equity
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a strong brand. Venture Café has been building awareness and creating impact since 2009.
Globally Recognized
Each Venture Café welcomes international delegations each year. Our brand extends past the cities we currently serve as we partner with innovation ecosystems across the globe.
Expansion Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in bringing Venture Café to your city. As a first step, please fill out the expansion inquiry form below. This will give us context with which to start a fruitful conversation.

We look forward to learning about how we can work together to bring Venture Café’s model of inclusive innovation and community to your city.

Let’s make it happen!


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